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Our Story

People making Food for people.

We began this farm because we love food and we wanted to have more control of where it came from. We realized that our community felt the same way so we did something. We started growing food. Now, we are a part of a broad and expanding community of small farms and are working to feed more and more people with better and better food. We love our community and the people who make it, so this is our way of spreading our love. 


Jon (left) & Yisrael (right) come from the restaurant industry. Working closely with the preparation and sale of food within this industry it became apparent that many people were behind the food that was being served. From seed to growth to package to sale to cook and to sale again it was difficult to know the many hands and faces behind each piece of food. So, in efforts to bring quality food into their community, Jon & Yisrael worked backwards from where they knew food to find the source. Good Flavor Farm & Gardens is now founded on the belief that, "Mass farming needs to be replaced with farming by the masses" - Jean Martin Fortier. 

Growing food in the community we sell to and building Gardens for the community we love is our way of making this idea a reality. Food production is one of the threads that holds our society together and we believe that it is stronger when it is smaller. Know your farmer. Know your food. Know the Good. 

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